About Us

Founded in 2014 by Saskatoon twins Steven and Scott Schroeder, S&S Home Developments is an all-in-the-family labour of love. Skilled tradesmen with a creative flair, we began our family-owned business in 2014 after nearly 10 years working in the construction industry. We are committed to bringing honesty and integrity to each and every worksite.

S&S Home Developments focuses on residential construction, both new-build and renovations/remodelling. We both started in the construction industry straight out of high school, working for local companies and earning our journeymen certificates along the way. We have seamlessly honed our skills in different areas to bring a project to completion; Steven focuses on cabinetry design, construction and installation, while Scott specializes in onsite preparation and finishing work. Both of us are happily married (both to nurses, no less), and there is a deep family feel to the company, as well as a desire to give back to our community whenever we can.

Paying It Forward

Our core values are honesty, hard work, family values and giving back. A portion of all our profits are donated to various organizations in Saskatoon, and we invite our clients to suggest organizations that may be close to their heart for a donation related to their project.

We also donate your existing cabinets, counter tops, appliances, etc, if they are still in good shape. Our priority at S&S Home Developments is to donate a portion of each project to local charities and churches in Saskatoon, helping our neighbours and keeping reusable items out of the landfill.